<strong>...</strong><strong>because it offers lots of riding fun on two wheels!</strong>

...because it offers lots of riding fun on two wheels!

EGRET ONE lets you to take riding fun to the next level, enabling you to explore your surroundings without breaking into a sweat from strenuous physical exertion.

  •       Fast acceleration with no physical exertion
  •       Top speed of up to 35 km/h
  •       Easy to get on and off
  •       Dynamic carving

<strong>...</strong><strong>because it' />

...because it's so compact and the EGRET ONE takes the dread out of traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces!

The EGRET ONE is lightweight, foldable and compact. You can take it along with you anywhere and stow it under your desk at work, in the locker at the gym or under your seat on the train. Folded to save space, the EGRET ONE even fits in the luggage compartment of a Smart car! Your very own Park & Ride system is always at hand whenever the parking situation becomes unbearable. The electric motor helps avoid physical exertion and gets you to your destination without being covered in sweat, which is an entirely different story when on a bicycle or a traditional motorless scooter.

  •       Dimensions when folded: 93 x 14 x 30 cm
  •       Folded up or down in three easy steps
  •       Fits into any luggage compartment
  •       Weighs in at only 16 kg
  •       No traffic jams, no looking for a parking space
  •       No physical exertion (or sweaty clothes)

<strong>...</strong><strong>because the EGRET ONE is ready for use at any time and can be taken anywhere!</strong>

...because the EGRET ONE is ready for use at any time and can be taken anywhere!

Just fold it out and off you go!With the EGRET ONE you can efficiently master the long distances at large production or storage sites, ride to a gathering of friends at the spur of the moment or even use it commute to work!The EGRET ONE can take you up to 25 km per charge and recharged in any power socket (230 V/50 Hz) in a relatively short time. 

  •       Ready to go with no time-consuming assembly
  •       Folded out in three easy steps
  •       Puncture-proof tyres
  •       Range of up to 25 km
  •       Approx. 6 hrs. charging time
  •       Charge from any normal socket (230V)
  •       Weighs in at only 16 kg
  •       Fits into any luggage compartment

...because energy efficiency makes it inexpensive to use

...because energy efficiency makes it inexpensive to use

Personal mobility is here to stay. For €1, a car with a petrol engine will take you a distance of 20 to 25 km. At the same price, the EGRET ONE will take you over 300 km.

  •       320 km for only €1
  •       Range of up to 25 km per battery charge
  •       High-quality, high-performance LiFePo4 battery with a long service life

<strong>... </strong><strong>because the EGRET ONE is sustainable and environmentally friendly!</strong>

... because the EGRET ONE is sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Our e-scooter is powered by an environmentally-friendly, rechargeable battery (LiFePo4) and produces no greenhouse gasses or particulates when in operation. The high-quality hub motor lets you quietly glide along at top speed. So do both yourself and the environment a favour…

  •       Zero emissions during operation
  •       Rechargeable battery with a long service life
  •       Environmentally-sound battery disposal handled by the manufacturer
  •       Durable aluminium frame
  •       Quiet, low-maintenance hub motor

<strong>...</strong><strong>because you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.</strong>

...because you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.

You can take your EGRET ONE scooter along with you anywhere you go. Due to their weight or a lack of space, bicycles and e-bikes often have to be locked up outside. By contrast, you can stow your scooter right under your desk, roll it along through a shop to go shopping and conveniently park it on a shelf using the folding kickstand.And should your scooter have to remain outside it can be secured by a cable lock through the suspension fork.

  •       Dimensions folded: 930 x 140 x 300 mm
  •       Folded in or out in three easy steps
  •       Can be connected using a cable lock through the suspension fork or handlebar

<strong>...</strong><strong>because your safety is guaranteed by the use of the best battery technology available.</strong>

...because your safety is guaranteed by the use of the best battery technology available.

In our scooters we install lithium ion batteries with a lithium iron phosphate compound (LiFePo4). This chemical compound is characterized by the fact that it is largely fireproof and non-explosive. Lithium manganese batteries are installed in most other electric vehicles due to lower cost and greater availability.Unfortunately, these batteries pose an enormous risk due to their explosiveness and easy flammability if handled improperly. Our LiFePo4 batteries are specially tailored to the needs of the EGRET ONE and cost many times more than lithium manganese batteries to produce, but we prefer to focus on customer safety and product quality. That’s why we use only top-quality components and materials.

  •       Lithium iron phosphate battery
  •       Extremely high performance
  •       Long service life
  •       Safe to operate

We ask that you follow the warning and maintenance instructions for handling the battery.The battery is very powerful and can result in a life-threatening electric shock if improperly handled.

<strong>...</strong><strong>because our quality products are tested in everyday use!</strong>

...because our quality products are tested in everyday use!

Company founder Florian Walberg has been developing, selling and producing electric scooters since 2003. His company, Walberg Urban Electrics, developed the flagship EGRET ONE and put it on the European market in 2012. We have been able to gain a lot of experience and develop a complete sales and service infrastructure. Since it’s market launch, the EGRET ONE has been continuously improved and further developed.We have minimised tolerances, strengthened materials and redesigned many details. From this we have been able to eliminate many of the “teething problems” typically present in new technical products. In the EGRET ONE you are investing in a well-considered, sustainable and robust technology.

  •       Production experience since 2003
  •       EGRET ONE market testing since 2012
  •       Quality German engineering
  •       Reliable, low-maintenance technology
  •       Safe handling

<strong>...</strong><strong>because you can rely on us!</strong>

...because you can rely on us!

We incessantly question ourselves and our work and always want to improve our products and services. That’s why we keep a close eye on the needs of our customers and are always receptive to feedback. With our customer service, we want to satisfy you and at the same time use your suggestions as inspiration for the further development of our products. 

Our service and support for you:

  •       Experience in the development, production and sales of electric scooters since 2003
  •       Personal support and consulting services by phone (Mon - Fri. 9:00 am -6:00 pm)
    (¢14/min incl. VAT from the German fixed-line network, max. mobile phone price: ¢42/min incl. VAT.)
  •       Service acceptance also by e-mail
  •       Orders round the clock in the EGRET online shop
  •       Extensive, constantly growing FAQs
  •       Multi-language support in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
  •       In-house workshop and technical support
  •       Registration for warranty and repair via serial number
  •       All spare parts available for delivery within a few days