What should I do if the force of braking is becoming weaker?

The brakes are extremely vital to your personal safety. Any change in how it works must be fully resolved! The most frequent reason for a change in braking behaviour is when the scooter is being used on wet road surfaces or after being cleaned. Water or detergents may have got into the brake. In this case, carefully ride the scooter for a few hundred meters while braking carefully. This will usually cause the water inside to evaporate from the heat caused by braking, causing braking behaviour to return to normal.

The brake pads become worn over time. This can also be a reason why the EGRET ONE’s braking behaviour has changed. You can easily re-adjust the brakes via the adjustment screw on the brake lever.

There is a second screw (starting with model V2) on the hand-brake cable at the height of the folding mechanism where you can also re-adjust the brake. Adjusting the brake is explained in detail in our operating manual. If theses adjustments do not help to satisfactorily restore braking behaviour, contact our customer service immediately.

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Please note that adjusting the brakes is a safety-related matter.We cannot be held responsible for brakes that are improperly adjusted.