What can I do to make the battery last?

On your first trip, ride the scooter around until the battery is completely empty and the scooter stops (but not until the battery indicator blinks). Then immediately connect your scooter to the charger for 48 hours. This calibrates the battery level indicator, enabling the battery to operate at full power. You should also repeat this procedure every 2-3 months to maintain your battery for continued use of your scooter. This will prevent individual battery cells from having an unequal charge level.


Follow these instructions:


  •       Do no leave your EGRET ONE connected to the active charger for more than 48 hours.
  •       Do not leave the charger connected to a socket for more than 48 hours.
  •       Charge the battery at least once every 90 days and move the scooter.
  •       Never store the scooter for more than 12 hours with an empty battery.
  •       Do not expose the battery to extreme heat or cold.
  •       Protect your battery from moisture.
  •       At low temperatures, the battery drains much faster, the storage time is shortened.


Ignoring these instructions may result in a “deep discharge" of the battery. This means that the battery will gradually discharge when stored over a longer period of time. If the charge level falls below 0 percent, the chemical mixture inside the battery will react and irreparably damage