How can I clean/maintain my EGRET ONE?


Just like any other vehicle, you can extend the service life of your EGRET ONE by cleaning it regularly.

The EGRET ONE is made of aluminium, characterised by robustness, low weight and being rust-free.Only the bolts are made of steel and are zinc-coated for rust protection. If the coating is damaged by abrasion, rust may form in these places, which you can prevent by regular maintenance.

The proper interlocking of the folding mechanism is maintained when regularly cleaned.Here are a few cleaning tips:


  •       Use appropriate cleaning and maintenance products and a soft sponge.
  •       A dish brush (with soft bristles) is also great to get at to hard to reach places on the scooter (e.g. the folding mechanism).
  •       Do not use sponges with a rough surface.This will damage the scooter’s paint.
  •       Do not use solvents.
  •       Never point a water jet directly at the scooter.
  •       After cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any cleaning residues.
  •       Dry with a chamois leather cloth.
  •       Fold down the scooter to clean the folding mechanism.
  •       Regularly grease the folding mechanism with an all-purpose spray (e.g. WD-40) or Vaseline spray.



Water on the brake surfaces can temporarily reduce brake performance.

For this reason, on private property carefully perform some braking operations until you are sure that full brake performance has been restored.