About us

Dissatisfied with the electric vehicles currently on the market, we founded Walberg Urban Electrics in Hamburg in 2010.

Our vision for the perfect vehicle is one that is well-designed, high quality, can be used flexibly, yet is still affordable. This is why we created the EGRET brand and have since been developing, producing and selling small, foldable electric scooters throughout Europe.

The jumping-off point for our work is the urban situation: overcrowded cities, noise and air pollution, tight deadlines, precious little time. This leaves little room for joy – and the demand for mobility is increasing.

Joy and enthusiasm are the focus in both our daily work as well as for the users of our products. We don’t view our efforts as only a means to an end. On the contrary, we want to put passion into everyday life with innovative products and creative ideas. We create products for urban mobility, providing our users independence, flexibility and fun.

The egret, a bird including several species of herons, was the inspiration for the EGRET brand name. Their fabulous elegance and their silent, gliding means of getting around are simply captivating. By regularly adapting to their changing habitat, they have proven to be extremely resilient. Similarly, their outstandingly robust quality and timeless elegance are what make EGRET products so captivating.

We incessantly question ourselves and our work. This is why we keep a close eye on trends and the needs of our customers and are constantly improving our products. Our products and services should be in line with the spirit of the time, yet we always keep the sustainable and long-term in mind.

Our products come in where other means of transport hit their limits.

Walberg Urban Electrics’ EGRET brand provides high-quality, contemporary and effective answers to the individual needs of urban mobility. We want to establish the means of transport of the future, which are easy and reliable to handle, economical to operate and yet still fun to use.

EGRET represents contemporary and forward-looking urban transport.

Founder and Managing Director Florian Walberg’s professional roots are in the music industry. During tours through Europe and Asia he put his first electric scooter into use. The shoddy workmanship and spur of the moment repair of the defective electric scooter were the sparks that ignite the turning point of his career. From that point on, Walberg repaired the scooter himself and came up with ideas for improving it. This is how met the manufacturer, who immediately took him on board the production and development team. Since 2002 the now 40-year-old Walberg has produced and sold approx. 25,000 e-scooters, making a name for himself in the industry.

In 2011 the time was ripe for his own development. In the planning of the electric scooter the primary focus was placed on functionality – and the desire to offer a vehicle incorporating all of his ideas and concepts without compromise.

 “My products are my passion," says Walberg.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, he spends an average of three months a year in the Far East, in order to train his employees in the production of his EGRET models and to monitor execution.

Two years ago Walberg initiated an EU working group in Brussels to develop a machinery directive for a new class of "Personal Light Electric Vehicles" (aka PLEV).

Together with companies including Decathlon, Honda, Segway and Toyota, work is being done on the standardisation of road certification for these innovative vehicles.

The EGRET team now comprises a staff of 8 in the areas of engineering, customer support, (online) marketing and B2B sales. International sales and service is provided in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

We see ourselves as vehicle manufacturers with quality German engineering, efficient service and innovative products, where intuitive handling and riding fun take precedence.

We see ourselves as vehicle manufacturers with quality German engineering, efficient service and innovative products, where intuitive handling and riding fun take precedence.