How can I ensure a long service life for scooter?


The EGRET ONE is a very robust product. Since being introduced on the market in 2012 we have been constantly working to revise and improve its individual parts.

In order to get the most out of your scooter for as long as possible, we recommend that you pay attention to the things below. To keep your scooter in proper working order:


  •       Do no leave it connected to the active charger for more than 48 hours.
  •       Do not leave the charger connected to a socket for more than 48 hours.
  •       Charge the battery at least once every 90 days and move the scooter.
  •       Never store the scooter for more than 12 hours with an empty battery.
  •       Batteries are temperature sensitive.Do not park your scooter in direct sunlight or in cold surroundings.Room temperature is ideal for storage.


Ignoring these instructions may result in a “deep discharge" of the battery. This means that the battery has lost its entire charge and is irreparably damaged.


  • Do not ride in the pouring rain. The surface of roadways are extremely slippery in wet weather, dramatically increasing the risk of accident.Excessive splashing (e.g. when riding through deep puddles) can cause water to get inside the motor and battery compartment or damage the throttle.
  • Don’t use the scooter for stunts (e.g. jumping off of curbs, attempting a half pipe or riding down stairs). Severe stresses may result in damage to the load-bearing parts.Operational safety can no longer be guaranteed and there is an increased risk of accident.
  • Do not perform any of your own modifications.

Do not open the battery compartment of the scooter. This will void the warranty and will also damage the seal designed to keep moisture out.  Safe operation of the scooter is no longer ensured. Short circuits may cause the motor to fail or even result in a battery fire.